Sharpening service

All knives dull and to enhance your cooking performance and get the most out of your knife it's important to get your knives sharpened. 

I offer a sharpening service at the store on the Weteringstraat 19. All shapes and sizes but exclusively Japanese knives. All knives will be sharpened on Japanese whetstones by hand and will be carefully inspected. 



Sharpening double bevel: €0,50 per centimeter of the cutting edge 

Sharpening single bevel: €0,75 per centimeter of the cutting edge 

Thinning: From €5,- (in consultation with the customer) 

Repairs/re-profiling: From €7,50 (in consultation with the customer)


Or do it yourself of course! We highly recommend learning how to sharpen your knives on whetstones. Here is an introduction to sharpening. This was a while back but still informative. More to come! 


Introduction in sharpening (Dutch)