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Morihei Hishiboshi Karasu Whetstone #9000

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Morihei Hishiboshi 9000 grit whetstone is made by Morihei in Tokyo and is a special formula only by him. Using a mixture of synthetic and natural stone powder this stone leaves a very nice kasumi finish with great contrast. This stone can be used as a splash and go stone and does not require soaking. I've found the edge to feel refined but still retains nice bite. Cuts very fast and produces slurry quickly without being an overly soft stone.

- Written by Carbon Knife Co.

Detailed Spec

Brand: Morihei 森平
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #9000
Producing Area: Tokyo/ Japan
Soaking Requirement: Not required
Size: 210 x 75 x 26mm
Weight: 800g
Update: May 19, 2021