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Hitohira Picked Mizukihara Uchigumori Natural Stone (No.0005)

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A stunning little Uchi! This stone will create a very even almost scratch free kasumi finish quickly. It hides a lot of scratches the bevel so perfect to create a quick finish. It's just hard enough to use for edge work. There are some small inclusions on the top surface which can be dug out with a small chisel or they can be ignored and the area can be avoided. 

Detailed Spec

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら
Product Type: Natural Stone
Mine: Mizukihara
Producing Area: Kyoto/ Japan
Layer: Uchigumori
Recommended Usage: Kitchen Knife (Edge), Kitchen Knfie (Bevel),Chisel, Plane, Hagane Polish, Kasumi Finish with Dorodashi
Hardness (5 = Very Hard) : 3
Grain Scale (5 = Very Fine) : 3.7
Sharpening Speed (5 = Very Fast) : 4.7
Soaking Requirement: Not required
Size: 165 x 60 x 24mm
Weight: 527g
Revied by Naoki Tsuda
Update: June 7, 2023