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Jiro Tsuchime Wa Sujihiki 270mm Tagayasan Handle (#487)

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What kind of knife is this?

The Japanese slicer. A more specific knife shape ideal for portioning, trimming and finely slicing large cuts of meat, roasts, poultry or fish. The long and thin shape greatly reduces drag and is ideal to make long drawing cuts to thinly slice protein with high precision. 

Detailed Spec

Brand: Ji*ro かじや次郎
Smith: Ji*ro Na*kagawa 中川 次郎
Producing Area: Nagano/ Japan
Profile: Sujihiki
Size: 270mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Yasuki White (Shirogami) #1, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Taihei Tagayasan & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 435mm
Edge Length: 276mm
Handle to Tip Length: 292mm
Blade Height: 21mm
Thickness: 6.2mm
Handle Length: 144mm
Weight: 238g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Update: July 6, 2023