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Hitohira Hinode Nashiji White #2 Sujihiki 210mm Ho Wood handle

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The Hitohira Hinode and Ajikataya series are forged by Sanjo based blacksmith Mutsumi Hinoura. He is the 4th generation blacksmith in the Hinoura family and trained under his father, the highly esteemed master blacksmith Tsukasa Hinoura. He runs a beautifully clean and organized workshop. The blades feature a tsuchime, nashiji or smooth kurouchi finish as is characteristic for Sanjo style knives. His kurouchi is very long lasting and greatly reduces oxidation on the carbon steel blades. The spine is somewhat thick, but tapers down to a very thin tip and similarly towards the edge. The wide bevel is super clean, flat and polished which makes for ease of maintenance. These knives have a steady feel to them, they’re strong but thin behind the edge for super clean and precise cuts. We carry multiple knives by Hinoura San, a variety of shapes and finishes. Restocks expected every 5-6 months.

What kind of knife is this?

The Japanese slicer. A more specific knife shape ideal for portioning, trimming and finely slicing large cuts of meat, roasts, poultry or fish. The long and thin shape greatly reduces drag and is ideal to make long drawing cuts to thinly slice protein with high precision. 

Care Instructions

This is a carbon steel knife. That means this knife is made of non-stainless steel. There is no or an insufficient amount of chromium and/or nickel to protect this steel against oxidation. Steel such as this will react to moisture and oxygen. That on itself is not a bad thing, you might even argue it’s a great thing. The knife will form a wonderful patina, it will sharpen easily and the edge life will not disappoint.

The care for a carbon steel knife such as this is not very elaborate, and very comparable to any other knife. Always store your knife clean and dry, no dishwasher, don’t let it air-dry and avoid extremely hard products like frozen foods or bones. With carbon steel you want to dry your knife also during cooking, never leave it moist or wet for too long. Often a quick wipe a dry cloth or towel is more than enough. A carbon steel knife can rust if not taken care of properly. Rust can removed but it is of course something we want to avoid.

Detailed Spec

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら
Smith: Mutsumi Hinoura 日野浦 睦
Producing Area: Sanjo-Niigata/ Japan
Profile: Sujihiki
Size: 210mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: White (Shirogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Ho Wood & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 375mm
Edge Length: 220mm
Handle to Tip Length: 233mm
Blade Height: 43mm
Thickness: 3mm
Handle Length: 143mm
Weight: 136g

*Please understand that all pictures on our website are made of random samples and as most products are made with natural materials by hand the color, appearances and even measurements can slightly vary. Please contact us if you wish to see the exact item we have on hand.