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Komon Japan

Komon Taisei Kogyo Neri Marugata Shichirin (round, small)

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Shichirin is made from high-quality diatomaceous earth mined in Ishikawa Prefecture. Diatomaceous earth mined in Ishikawa Prefecture is a natural material that is the result of 12 million year old dead phytoplankton. Shichirin made of diatomaceous earth, which is highly heat-resistant, is ideal for cooking with charcoal, which cooks with strong infrared heat, because it keeps the heat in.
Neri Shichirin is made by crushing this diatomaceous earth and kneading it into a mold. The material is transported efficiently, and the use of molds is excellent for producing high quality products.

SIZE : diameter 26.5cm × H16.5cm

*Please understand that all pictures on our website are made of random samples and as most products are made with natural materials by hand the color, appearances and even measurements can slightly vary. Please contact us if you wish to see the exact item we have on hand.