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Whetstone Sharpening Class Beginner #1

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A two and a half hour sharpening course covering all the basics. This course is meant for anyone with zero of minimal experience with whetstone sharpening and wants to have the skills to sharpen and maintain their own knives. We'll give you all the do's and don'ts regarding edge sharpening, thinning and a little bit about polishing. 


Free-hand sharpening on whetstones is the most versatile and efficient way to keep your knives (and tools!) sharp. Sharpening like this allows you to sharpen at any angle, choose your preferred finish and above you can maintain your knives with minimal steel removal. With this course you'll build the confidence and skills to maintain your knives and deepen your connection with them. 


What do you need?:

Nothing! All participant will get a knife to sharpen and a set of stones (not to keep), everybody has their own station. We'll go over the theory of sharpening first, after that as a group we'll sharpen the knife on three different stones, rough, medium and fine.

Of course you can bring your knives if you need any advice on how to sharpen them. 

Coffee, tea and/or water is included. 

  Where and when?: 

-Karasu Knives, Weteringstraat 19, 1017SL Amsterdam 

-Date and time is in the title. 


Please email us at: for any of the two. 

Please cancel 48 hours prior to the starting time of the class. No refunds in case of late cancelation or no-show. Please make sure you can attend on the date and time of the specific class. 


Please contact us regarding private or group classes at restaurants of any other location. 

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